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Advanced Dental Technology – Carlsbad, CA

High-Tech Tools for High-Quality Dentistry

Dr. Megan Shelton takes great pride in providing the Carlsbad community with top-notch dentistry. Our high-quality service stems from our compassionate and skilled team, but the technology we use also plays a role in creating the best patient experience possible. Dr. Shelton has invested in a number of advanced tools that help her to diagnose and treat dental problems in an efficient and comfortable manner.

Digital X-Rays

dental x-ray on computer

Digital X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool that dentists use to gain valuable information about various dental problems, such as cavities and infections. The scanning process is fast, and it produces so little radiation that it is safe for practically any patient. After the X-ray machine sends its captured images to a nearby computer, Dr. Shelton can access them immediately and use them to help her patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

CT Cone Beam Scanner

patient in scanning machine

X-rays are important, but they do not always provide the level of detail that is necessary to plan for treatments as efficiently and precisely as possible. That is where the CT Cone Beam scanner comes into play. It captures thousands of images and assembles them into a three-dimensional rendering of a patient’s teeth, gums, nerve pathways, and more. Dr. Shelton may use the CT Cone Beam scanner to evaluate your candidacy for dental implants or other complex procedures.

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iTero Intraoral Scanner

taking dental scan

Impressions play a vital role in a range of dental treatments, including both restorations and orthodontics. Many dental offices still use manual impressions, which are uncomfortable for patients and not always accurate. Dr. Shelton, on the other hand, uses the iTero intraoral scanner, which comfortably captures precise images of teeth that can be used to design crowns, veneers, and more. The iTero scanner is particularly notable for its compatibility with Invisalign. It helps to streamline the Invisalign process and makes sure the entire treatment is as efficient as possible right from the beginning. 

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