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Airflow Therapy – Carlsbad, CA

Experience a Next-Level Dental Cleaning

One of the simplest and most effective ways you can protect your oral health is by getting a professional dental cleaning twice a year. For decades, dentists and hygienists have relied on manually scraping or using ultrasonic instruments to perform this procedure. While ultimately effective, both of these methods can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, plus these tools are woefully unable to reach below the gum line.

To give our patients a deeper and better clean as well as a more relaxing experience, Dr. Megan Shelton and our team now utilize Airflow Therapy in our Carlsbad, CA dental office, a revolutionary approach to dental hygiene that will make your routine appointments shorter and your smile much safer compared to the old methods.

Man sharing healthy smile after airflow therapy

What is Airflow Therapy?

Airflow therapy hand tool

Instead of physically polishing your teeth by scrubbing or scraping them, Airflow Therapy uses a combination of air, water, and specially formulated powders to remove stubborn plaque and bacteria from all corners of the mouth. A pressurized stream effortlessly clears away cavity-causing substances on and between the teeth and can easily reach areas of the mouth that even gave hygienists difficulties in the past.

Biofilm & Gum Disease

Animated smile with biofilm signifying gum disease

The main mission of Airflow Therapy is to remove biofilm from the teeth and below the gum line, which is the clear, sticky substance that accumulates on your teeth throughout the day. It’s a combination of bacteria and the byproducts they produce when they consume the sugar left in your mouth after you eat, and it’s the precursor to the most common oral health issues: cavities and gum disease. Because Airflow Therapy is especially adept at removing all biofilm, it’s able to drastically lower a patient’s risk for dental problems, notably more so compared to traditional cleanings.

Benefits of Airflow Therapy

Woman with healthy smile after airflow therapy


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