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4 Ways Dental Implants Can Help You Boost Your Confidence

June 20, 2019

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Dental Implants

Life with missing teeth can be challenging; you can’t eat everything you used to, and it’s a lot more difficult to smile when you’re worried about people noticing the empty space. There are several options for replacing teeth, but many of them have their own drawbacks that can still leave you feeling self-conscious. Fortunately, there’s one solution that can fill in those gaps in your mouth while also improving your self-image. Here are 4 reasons why dental implants can help you get back that confident grin.

1. Dental Implants Keep Your Smile Looking Healthy and Young

The actual implant is a titanium post surgically inserted into the jawbone; it serves as the root for the actual tooth replacement, which can be a single crown, a bridge (multiple teeth in a row), or full or partial dentures. Not only do the replacement teeth look natural, but because the implant joins with the jaw, they feel natural as well. This can make it much easier to smile without worrying whether people will notice you’ve had dental work done.

Implants can also help you look younger. When a tooth is lost, bone loss in the jaw can occur due to the jaw no longer receiving stimulation from chewing. As the bone loses its shape, it can create wrinkled lips as well as a sunken mouth and face. Because dental implants fuse with the jaw through a natural process called osseointegration, they can mimic the stimulation normally provided by natural teeth and keep the jawbone healthy.

2. Dental Implants Can Make Eating More Enjoyable

It’s no secret that missing teeth will naturally restrict the foods you can eat. Even with traditional dentures and dental bridges, dining out can still be an awkward experience due to concerns that the oral appliance might slip or break. Since implants are anchored in the mouth, they provide nearly equal chewing power to regular teeth. You can eat all the foods you love without worry.

3. Dental Implants Allow You to Speak Normally

Depending on their location, missing teeth can make it harder to pronounce certain words. They might also cause you to spit or whistle while you talk. With dental implants, you’ll be able to speak normally. You also won’t have to worry about the slipping that occurs with traditional dentures, which can result in mumbled or slurred speech.

4. Dental Implants are a Long-Term Solution

While other teeth replacement options typically need to be replaced every 5 to 15 years, implants are a permanent solution that, with proper care, can last 30 years or even a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy the improved confidence and peace of mind they bring.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for every medical procedure, so you’ll need to speak with an implant dentist before pursuing any tooth replacement option. That said, if dental implants are right for you, they can be an excellent solution that can help restore your confidence!

About the Author

Dr. Megan A. Shelton earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry; she is dedicated to providing Carlsbad with compassionate, quality dental care. She offers dental implants for patients who have lost one tooth or multiple teeth. To schedule an appointment at her practice, Polished General Dentistry, visit her website or call (760) 434-9800.

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