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Why You’re Never Too Old for Invisalign

July 30, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Megan Shelton @ 2:40 pm
older woman with Invisalign

Clear aligner systems are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and young adults. Their ability to provide a more discreet orthodontic solution makes it possible for those who are self-conscious to achieve a straighter, healthier smile without the bulky, obvious metal. But are they only for younger generations? If you, too, want to do something about the alignment of your smile, you may be asking, “Am I too old for Invisalign?” Read on to hear from a dentist who explains why age doesn’t matter when it comes to clear aligners.

Is Invisalign Possible for Seniors?

Yes! Invisalign clear aligners offer patients of all ages the opportunity to see straighter smiles without having to compromise one’s daily appearance. If you are living with crowded, crooked, gapped teeth or a misaligned bite, these trays can be a great alternative to life with bulky, shiny metal.

Although it may seem as if there is no way these aligners can shift teeth that are permanently in place, it’s simply not true. No matter if you’re 15 or 65, with enough pressure, your teeth and jaw can move in a designated direction. While it is true that it will take longer to achieve desired results the older you are, you can still expect an improvement in the look and feel of your smile.

Why Invisalign is a Viable Option for Seniors

There are plenty of teenagers and young adults who have great success with Invisalign; however, if you are an older individual who is looking for orthodontic treatment, these clear aligners can also lead to positive changes. Here’s why:

  • You are more committed to achieving and maintaining a straighter smile. Oftentimes, younger generations do not wear the retainer as they should or leave their aligners out longer than it is recommended. As a result, it causes delays in treatment as well as a complete reversal. As an older adult, you understand the importance of healthy, straighter teeth, which will often lead you to remain dedicated to the process.
  • You have the financial capabilities to move forward with Invisalign. Yes, traditional braces are less expensive, but unlike young adults who are just getting started and have much debt, your finances may be more stable, allowing you the freedom to choose your orthodontic solution.
  • You’re likely to take better care of your oral hygiene. When patients express an interest in Invisalign treatment, dentists want to know if a person will take care of their teeth throughout the process. While everyone likely says “yes,” the truth is that young people may be more apt to put off their nighttime oral hygiene ritual when faced with a late-night out with friends. However, because you have more years behind you, you understand and appreciate the opportunity to take better care of your oral health.

If you think Invisalign for seniors is impossible, think again. Talk to your dentist about what you can do to get started with treatment and be well on your way to a straighter, healthier smile.

About the Author
Want to straighten your teeth without using traditional metal braces? If you’re interested in Invisalign clear aligners, talk to Dr. Megan Shelton today. Completing her Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, she leads a qualified team that is dedicated to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. Living with crooked and misaligned teeth no longer has to be the reality. Instead, she and her team will discuss the process and help you take the first step. Visit our website or call (760) 434-9800 to find if you’re eligible to receive Invisalign.

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