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Is Dental Crown Lengthening Right for You?

November 1, 2021

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before and after looks at a woman who has had crown lengthening

When envisioning a beautiful smile, most people immediately think of robust, white teeth. However, there’s another part that many often forget—the gums! Some people naturally have the right balance between gums and teeth, but others do not. If you fit in the second group, you’re not alone, and you can do something about it. You might need crown lengthening, which is also called gum recontouring.

This procedure involves using a soft tissue laser that gently cuts away excess tissue, revealing more tooth structure underneath. But how can you know if you are a good candidate for this treatment? Other than meeting with an experienced cosmetic dentist, here are some clear signs that point toward crown lengthening.

You Have Uneven Gums.

Many studies have shown that in general people tend to view symmetrical faces as more attractive than non-symmetrical ones. If your gums aren’t even across your smile, others may perceive you as less appealing. Gum recontouring gives you more control over how your smile looks. Instead of calling attention to an area with an uneven gumline, your dentist can subtly remove excess gum tissue and make your smile appear naturally symmetrical.

Your Gums Are Protruding.

If you have gums that are sticking out further than usual, you may worry about gum disease. However, supposing your dentist finds that your teeth and gums are healthy, you can still have protruding gums. In this case, gum recontouring or crown lengthening is the perfect treatment option for taking away unnecessary gum tissue.

Your Teeth Appear Short or Small.

If you have overbearing gums, your teeth can look stubby, almost like baby teeth. It means that your smile is unbalanced and can affect your confidence and appearance. Fortunately, the procedure is called dental crown lengthening for a reason. It visually makes the crown longer or larger than they were before and helps your smile achieve a more even look.

Your Gum Tissue Is Overwhelming a Tooth.

At some point, you may find yourself in need of a dental crown, whether your tooth has cracked or become decayed. In order to place a dental crown, enough tooth structure needs to stick out from the gums for the restoration to adhere properly. If you have too much soft tissue, some of it will need to be removed so that the crown can be secure.

Although the best way to determine for certain whether you’re a good candidate for dental crown lengthening is to have a consultation with a dentist, you may notice these signs on your own. You don’t have to settle and feel self-conscious about your smile. Gum recontouring is a quick and practically pain-free treatment that can help you finally have the confidence you deserve.

About the Author

Over her 15-year career so far, Dr. Megan Shelton has continued to hone her skills and expertise in dentistry. In addition to studying with the KOIS Center, a prestigious training organization, she is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, Academy of Laser Dentistry, and Seattle Study Club. If you would like to discuss whether crown lengthening is the right treatment for your smile, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Shelton at Polished General Dentistry online or by calling the office at 760-434-9800.

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