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CT cone beam scanner

The quality of dental care you receive is constantly transformed by emerging innovations in technology. Dr. Megan A. Shelton embraces the latest advancements to enhance the diagnosis and treatment process for our patients. Among one of the latest technologies you will find at Polished General Dentistry is the CT Cone Beam Scanner. The highly-detailed images allow her to see your oral structures in greater depth than before using a single scan for accurate treatments catering to your specific needs.

What is the Cone Beam Scanner?

dental CT cone beam scanner

The CT Cone Beam scanner is a type of x-ray machine that allows Dr. Shelton to see more than just your jawbone and teeth. The quick and painless scan provides three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone using one piece of imaging equipment.

The scans integrate with elite technology, which allows them to be viewed on large screens with zooming capabilities to see even the smallest details of your oral structures. Dr. Shelton uses the information to detect conditions while they are in their earliest stages of development while also evaluating your oral structures for certain treatments, like the placement of dental implant posts.

Benefits of Cone Beam Scanning

woman viewing dental images

Compared to traditional images, like a digital x-ray, the CT Cone Beam scanner provides several advantages that are not possible with conventional methods, such as:

The versatility of the scanner allows it to play a valuable role in an array of dental diagnosis and treatments, including:

How It Works

A CT scan is a quick and painless process that does not require any special preparation; however, you will need to remove any metal objects, like jewelry and eyeglasses. You sit in a chair or lie on a moveable table to allow the square-shaped machine to capture images using a rotating head.

The machine performs a 360-degree rotation to capture multiple images at once. The entire scan is completed in less than one minute. The images are sent to a monitor where Dr. Shelton can view them to assess your oral health and structures.

Enjoy the Latest technology Today!

To get the high-quality dental care you rely on for a healthy smile, you deserve to enjoy the best technology. Choose a dentist who embraces the latest technological advancements to reach your best smile possible. Contact our office today to learn more about the CT Cone Beam Scanner.

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