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Laser Dentistry

When most people think about the common tools of dentistry, their mind probably pictures small, metal, manual tools like the dental mirror or pick. While these are still commonly used today, the rapid technology advancements that have swept across the world have also touched dentistry. Today, more and more dental care is performed with the help of devices that can complete procedures faster and safer than before. One of the biggest contributors has been laser technology. A standard dental cleaning is one of the most basic tools used in dentistry today, and now, your dentist in Carlsbad, Dr. Megan Shelton, is able to make it even more effective thanks to a treatment called a laser bacterial reduction.

Importance of Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning has a few main things it tries to accomplish. Firstly, it is intended to clean off the plaque and tarter that has built up on your teeth, specifically in the areas that are hard for people to reach at home (such as the small crevices among the back teeth). Of course, it is not only intended to help your teeth, but your gums as well.

Healthier Gums for Happier Smile

When it comes to your oral health, your gums are just as important as your teeth. This is something many people do not think about when they brush and floss each night. The gums play a very important role in your mouth. Firstly, they help supply your teeth with precious blood. They also provide them essential support, all the while protecting the sensitive enamel around your tooth’s roots. When the roots of your teeth are exposed, it is easy for them to decay and simply fall out. This usually happens as a result of gum recession, which is a common symptom of gum disease.

Gum disease is actually the most common disease in the U.S., affecting approximately 80% of all adults. In order to combat this growing problem, you can now choose to get a laser bacterial reduction as part of your standard dental cleaning.

What is a Laser Bacterial Reduction?

Gum disease is caused by an underlying infection that occurs in the pockets of your gums, right where your gums attach to your teeth. A laser bacterial reduction serves to treat and eliminate this infection prior to your standard dental cleaning. It is able to address this problem much more directly and painlessly than simply cleaning the area with a dental pick, and is able to kill periodontal bacteria. The treatment itself only last about 10 minutes, and is performed before your standard teeth cleaning.

We highly-recommend this treatment to all of our patients and will always offer them the choice of whether to have it or not. Unfortunately, this treatment is so new and advanced that it is not covered by dental insurance, as is the case with most cutting-edge treatments. However, the results are dramatic, and the ensuing health of your teeth and gums are more than worth the cost.

Contact Us to Learn More About Laser Bacterial Reduction

When you come in for your next routine appointment, please ask our hygienist about a laser bacterial reduction, and she’ll explain exactly how the treatment works. Of course, if you’d like to know more before you come into the office, simply give us a call. We’re proud to provide you with the most advanced dental care available today in order to provide you a more comfortable and effective experience.

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