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TMJ & Bruxism Therapy – Carlsbad, CA

Taking Care of Your Jaw Pain

When you open your mouth, does your jaw sort of shift out of place and cause a clicking or popping sound? These symptoms may have started to be annoying, but now they’re turning out to be painful. If you’re unsure about the cause, you should have your dentist complete a dental exam. There is a great chance—based on the symptoms you’re experiencing—that you’re suffering from TMJ disorder. But first, what is TMJ disorder? How are you able to determine the symptoms? Let’s take a closer look at TMJ disorder, it’s symptoms, and how Dr. Shelton can help you relieve your dental pain with TMJ and bruxism therapy in Carlsbad, CA.

Man with healthy happy smile after T M J therapy

Why Choose Polished General Dentistry for TMJ & Bruxism Therapy?

TMJ Disorder

Woman in need of T M J therapy holding jaw in pain

The TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is the hinge that attaches your lower jaw to the base of the skull. It’s a critical ligament to the structure of your head, neck, mouth, and jaw. This helps to create smooth movement when you open and close your mouth. When the alignment is even a bit off center, the jaw will usually click, pop, or cause one of the many painful and disruptive symptoms of TMJ disorder. There are a few reasons why TMJ disorder may occur. It’s up to you to visit a professional right away when you start to notice the symptoms. This way, not only will you develop a solution, but determine the cause.

Symptoms of TMJ

Man in need of T M J therapy holding head in pain

As mentioned above, you might possibly notice that you have TMJ disorder by an annoying popping or painful clicking each time you open your mouth. When you eat or speak, you might also feel discomfort. The symptoms vary from patient to patient. There are some cases where patients report experiencing the sensation of lockjaw when they discover their TMJ disorder. You might also feel pain in your neck, around the face, and jaw. If you suspect that you have a problem with your jaw or your temporomandibular joints, do not hesitate to seek treatment. Finding relief is as easy as meeting with your dentist here at Polished General Dentistry.

Get Effective TMJ Treatment from Dr. Shelton

Occusal splint used for T M J therapy

At Polished General Dentistry, Dr. Shelton treats TMJ with effective, custom made, oral appliances. This method is so common because it utilizes a small device that you insert into your mouth. It resembles the custom mouthguards that athletes typically wear. Custom oral appliances work because they allow the muscles and ligaments in the TMJ to relax by giving your joints a brief break from the pressure they’re under, relieving you pain. You shouldn’t have to deal with the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. Whenever you feel an abnormal clicking or popping feeling, call our dental office right away. We would be happy to help you address your symptoms and relieve your pain!

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