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Waterlase Express – Carlsbad, CA

Enjoy Accurate Results with Laser Dentistry

Polished General Dentistry strives to provide our patients with the latest innovations for world-class services. Our office uses advanced technology to enhance the level of care our patients receive. Among one of the latest solutions you’ll find in our office is Waterlase Express. The laser technology precisely targets soft tissue to provide more accurate results using a less invasive treatment. You’ll enjoy less stress and discomfort using state-of-the-art technology.

What is Waterlase Express?

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Lasers now hold a commonplace in modern medicine to make a variety of treatments less invasive and more effective. Now, they are also widely used in many applications throughout dentistry. Tiny beams of light energy pinpoint tissue to remove or sculpt it. This virtually eliminates the need for a scalpel.

Waterlase Express uses a combination of laser energy and water to treat specific dental problems. This makes it quite versatile to be used in a variety of clinical settings, such as treating gum disease or resolving tongue ties. It can also be used to regenerate healthy tissue.

Benefits of Waterlase Express

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Using a laser beam instead of a scalpel allows your dentist to precisely target even small areas of tissue for more effective results. Overall, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits that aren’t possible with traditional treatment, such as:

How Does Waterlase Express Work?

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A small handheld device uses a highly concentrated beam of light energy to target tissue. The laser cauterizes while it cuts to reduce the risk of bleeding. It also sterilizes the tissue as it’s moved along it, killing bacteria that can lead to an infection. This promotes a faster recovery time with less risk of complications. As the laser removes the tissue, water is used to keep your tooth hydrated. It also prevents heat to make the treatment pain-free.

The all-tissue laser is gentle and easy to use for a variety of applications when compared to traditional dental tools. In fact, there’s often no need for scalpels, drills, injections, or even sutures. Now, you can save time by skipping the hassle of multiple appointments because the laser makes quick work of procedures that typically require more than one visit.

Enjoy a Better Side of Dentistry

You deserve to benefit from the best when it comes to your dental care. Choose a modern approach using laser dentistry. No matter if you need periodontal therapy or a frenectomy, Waterlase Express can help. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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